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The tinnitus SigMed® therapeutic process represents a modified technology of the Pulsed Signal Therapy (PST®) already known in orthopaedics. The PST® and the Tinnitus SigMed® therapies have been developed by Dr. Richard Markoll, a physician and biophysicist, over years of intensive research.

Clinical experience has shown that the number of tinnitus patients suffering from disorders of the cervical spine or from dysgnathia, is very high. A muscular dysbalance of neck and shoulder muscles as well as an increased tension of the masticatory muscles was observed, which is frequently connected to blockages in the atlantooccipital, antlantoaxial and upper cervical vertebral joints as well as to an increased pressure on the mandibular joint.

At this point, Tinnitus SigMed®, a completely new therapeutic treatment, comes into operation. First studies on tinnitus therapy have shown that in many cases the patientsÍ discomfort could be significantly eased or even remedied. In particular, this can be observed when tinnitus occurs in the context of disorders of the cervical spine caused by attrition or accidents. Tinnitus SigMed® is a therapy based on scientific knowledge. It is non-invasive, without any side-effects or pain.

The active principle is geared to the physiological and biological reactions occurring in the healthy tissue, which are stimulating biological processes for maintaining its functionality. Tinnitus SigMed® uses pulsed signals to stimulate the affected tissue, thus often triggering a self-healing process.

Click here to download a short video on the SigMed working principle (AVI appr. 16 MB).